Nidal loves taking things apart and figuring how everything works. He applies that love to helping you with your home renovation project.

From the Ancaster / Hamilton area, Nidal would be happy to dissect and help you get new windows and doors! He is, admittedly, a huge Tom Brady supporter. We'll let you decided if that's a pro or con for your window replacement decision. ;)

Nidal treats each home as a unique experience and is ready to help you with your specific home renovation needs!

"Hi! I'm Nidal, a window and door consultant with Nordik Windows and Doors!

So, we're going to walk in the house and we're going to feel it out. We're going to take some measurements then we're going to sit down together and we're going to go through everything, let you know the options and let you know the product. We're going to create your quote and we'll go from there!

I was born and raised in Toronto (North York General to be exact). My whole family has been in Mount Hope / Ancaster for the last 10 years and I eventually came to join them because I'm a family man and, what do you know, I fell in love with the area! The hiking, the trails, the biking, the rollerblading...

Believe it or not, my dream job was actually to be a computer engineer. My dad had a business that he ran and, down the road, was this man who fixed computers. He kind of took me under his wing. For some reason, I was always taking things apart as a kid. Especially the motherboards and what not. I incorporate that stuff in today's work because I'm always taking things apart, seeing how they work, and seeing how we can make it work better!

I love to stay active! That's kind of my relaxation :) Sundays are usually my day to relax. It starts with brunch with the family, maybe a mimosa or two ;) and it'll quickly transition to football and then, of course, watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (welcome back Tommy). That's something I really enjoy doing on my Sundays.

There's so much I love about working with Nordik Windows and Doors starting with you! And I say that because I get to meet so many great people! No two homes are the same. Every project is something new and I get the chance to manage some really awesome products with this company.

Nordik is a company that I'm proud to represent and I look forward to meeting you very soon!"

Feel like putting back a few mimosas with Nidal on Sunday!?

Or, ya know, just getting a window and door consultation during the week? Either or! Contact us today for your FREE in-home consultation!

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