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In business since 1982, Nordik Windows and Doors is proud to serve the window and door replacement needs of homeowners in the Greater Boston area and Eastern Massachusetts. Whether you’re renovating a heritage townhouse in the Back Bay, replacing the windows on your oceanfront in Scituate, or bringing a home in Gloucester up to modern standards, trust Nordik Windows and Doors to provide the best quality and value in replacement windows and doors. We pride ourselves in offering beautiful, durable and energy-efficient products, a professional installation, and a comprehensive warranty backed by a commitment to ongoing service.

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Nordik Windows & Doors proudly serves homeowners in the Greater Boston Area and Eastern Massachusetts, including the cities and towns of: Boston, Cambridge, Dorchester, Brockton, Quincy, New Bedford, Fall River, Newton, Somerville, Framingham, Malden, Waltham, Brookline, Revere, Plymouth, Medford, Taunton, Weymouth, Peabody, Everett, Attleboro, Arlington, Salem, and beyond.

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The Nordik Difference

We provide our customers with a simple, worry-free experience and we back up everything we do with one of the best warranties in Boston and Eastern Massachusetts. Here's what makes us unique:


Buy Factory-Direct

No middleman. No delays. No extra fees. No excuses. At Nordik you're dealing directly with the manufacturer. You get factory-direct pricing and service on your custom-built windows and doors.

Exceptional Value

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better value for your hard-earned money. Our customers save more with Nordik’s competitive pricing and massive volume discounts – automatically.


Easy Payment Plans

We make it easier for you to undertake top-quality home improvements by offering multiple budget-friendly financing options to choose from.


Customer Care Guarantee

We back up everything we do with a simple promise - if there's ever a problem with any of our products or services we'll fix it right away. We'll make it right. Our goal is to create customers for life.


25-Year Warranty

Our "No-Bull" Warranty covers everything: products, installation, and any service required for 25 years. No exceptions. No fine print. Just the peace of mind knowing that you'll be taken care of.


Innovative Products

From the day we opened our doors in 1982 we have been committed to bringing the best new innovations in windows and doors to market at an affordable price.

Kind Words from Happy Homeowners

We take great pride in a job well done, but having our customers share their Nordik experience makes us as happy as a clam. Here is what some have to say:

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I met with five window companies and at the end of the day Nordik was the only one I trusted. I went with their triple-pane RevoCell line, felt it provided a great balance of performance and value for the price. Very happy with how they look. Noticeable difference that the inside of my home is quieter. I felt their warranty was also the best. 25yrs no hassle. No fine print. All of the other warranties I reviewed had pages of built-in legalese noting a ton of exceptions that would void coverage.
Our windows and doors from the mid 1980's were in dire need of replacing. After getting 3 quotes, we decided to go with Nordik, for both quality and price. Throughout the process, everyone we encountered along the way was very pleasant to deal with. We had a before and after energy audit done, and we were very happy to see the results showed a better than expected improvement. The windows look great and we love the new doors!
We were impressed with the quality and details Nordik puts into their windows. After the consultation we decided to get couple more quotes from different companies. After a month-long search we realized that Nordik was the best for us since we were looking quality over price. That said Nordik windows came through for us with quality AND price. Since we are looking to replace our windows and doors it turned out that bundling them became actually cheaper than using two different companies.
I am replacing all the windows and a patio door. I got 4 quotes and decided to go with Nordik. Sales rep Andrew delivered on all cylinders. Product knowledge, trustworthy sales pitch, ‘numbers don't lie’ approach and asked a lot of questions to help me pick the right product for my home. It was a homeowner to homeowner conversation. He is an industry professional that speaks no ill of the competition and have vast knowledge of the market situation and their business.
Our new windows look fantastic and the installers were great. They did nice work and cleaned up nicely after themselves. The sales rep showed us different styles and guided our choice of windows and he was spot on. The best part is that there is little to no maintenance and I don't need to climb any more ladders to paint window frames. Just the front doors are left to replace and we will be calling Nordik again when the time comes for that.
It was well worth the wait. The windows look so good and the main floor is already noticeably warmer with just 3 new windows. The exterior finishing is exceptional. Even our siding guy commented on how sharp it looks. Worth noting, before the windows went in, we had someone in to do an energy audit. When we told them we were installing Nordik, they commented that we'd chosen the best energy rating and that they see their work all the time and it's always quality

Single hung windows

A single-hung window, also known as a single-sash window, is a type of window with a lower operable sash and a fixed upper sash. The lower sash slides vertically, allowing to open the lower half of the window for ventilation. The lower sash often tilts in for easier cleaning from the interior.

A window style believed to originate in England and Holland, hung windows were brought to the American colonies and became the most popular windows in North America. Hung windows are staple design features of the Colonial, Cape Cod, and even Victorian home styles. By not taking any interior or exterior space when open, vertical sliding windows are valued for their space-saving design.

If your home in Massachusetts still has its original windows, they are most likely the single hung type. If you’re looking to replace your old and leaky windows to modern, energy-efficient, and beautiful single or double-hung windows, we’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote.

A sitting room with a couch in front of three single hung windows Frame

Double hung windows

A double-hung window, also known as a double-sash window, is a type of window two vertically sliding sashes. The two operating sashes allow ventilating through the lower, upper, or both parts of the window. The sashes often tilt in for easy cleaning from the interior.

Hung windows originate in Western Europe. Brought to the American colonies by the English and Dutch settlers, they became a staple design feature of the Colonial, Cape Cod, or Victorian home styles. Vertical sliding windows are the most popular style in North America due to their space-saving design that does not take up interior or exterior space when open.

If your Boston area home needs its hung windows replaced, look no further – we’ll make it easy! We install modern, energy-efficient, and beautiful double-hung windows. Get a free quote and we’ll take it from there.

double hung window with two operable sashes

Single slider windows

Often referred to as a slider or gliding windows, sliding windows have two sashes in a single frame, with one sliding either left or right, while the other one is stationary.

Due to the similarity with hung windows, many believe that sliding windows share the same Dutch roots. However, seafaring Dutch could have been influenced in Asia, e.g. by the Japanese Shoji doors used since the 12th century. In the United States, sliding windows could have gained larger adoption with the suburban boom of the ‘50s when bungalo and ranch houses brought larger horizontal window openings to the single family home.

Arguably the easiest to operate and space-saving, slider windows are still a favourite among homeowners. We install modern, energy-efficient, and durable single gliding windows, so Get a free quote - we’ll be happy to assist.

double slider window with two operable sashes above a kitch counter with sink Frame

Double slider windows

Also known as gliding windows, double sliding windows have two or more sashes that slide left or right in a single frame. This design is appreciated for more ventilation options than single sliders. Both sashes are usually removable for easy cleaning from the inside.

Very similar to double hung windows, double sliding windows may share the same Dutch roots, possibly influenced by earlier East Asian equivalents (e.g. Japanese Shoji). In the United States, sliding windows gained a wider adoption during the emergence of suburban neighbourhoods featuring bungalo and ranch style homes with wider window openings.

Incredibly convenient, easy to operate, and space saving, double slider windows are popular among homeowners. Should you look to replace your old and leaky windows with modern, energy-efficient, and durable double gliding windows, we’ll be happy to offer you a free quote.

double slider window with two operable sashes above a kitch counter with sink Frame

Casement windows

A casement has its window sash attached to the frame by one or more hinges at the side. They swing open outside using a crank handle, which allows the placement of an insect screen facing the interior. Casements allow for maximum ventilation through the entire window opening. Unlike vertically hung or horizontally sliding sash windows, casements use compression weatherstripping which is a lot more weathertight. With fewer air leaks, the superior energy efficiency of casements makes them a better fit for a home in a Northern or coastal climate.

Casements are possibly the earliest type of movable windows in Europe. With lots of recent technological advancements, casement windows are gaining adoption in newer homes built to higher energy efficiency standards.

We manufacture and install incredibly secure, bright, and energy-efficient casement windows. To get the best deal on new casement windows, please request a free quote.

A Casement window above a kitchen sink

Awning windows

An awning window is essentially a casement that has its sash attached to the frame by hinges at the top. They swing open outside using a crank handle. Awning windows direct water away from the interior, and can help ventilate a room even during light rain. This feature makes them particularly useful in rooms with higher humidity levels, such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Awning windows use airtight compression weatherstripping, yielding a superior energy efficiency due to fewer air leaks when closed. They are also very secure as the opening distance is limited, preventing unwanted ingress from the outside.

We’ll be happy to provide a free quote on durable, energy-efficient, and convenient new awning windows for your home in the Boston, Massachusetts area and beyond.

An awning window flanked by two casements in a bay configuration above a kitchen sink Frame

Picture windows

A picture window is essentially what it sounds like: a simple rectangular shaped window that does not open. This is why it is also called a fixed or architectural window. No hardware is used to hold and operate a moving sash – in fact many picture windows don’t have a sash per se and the glass is inserted into the window frame itself. Often, an actual window sash is fixed in a window frame, to provide a coordinated sightline with other operable windows in the home. In this case, the window is called a fixed sash – or fixed casement – window.

Without window hardware rated to a maximum sash weight, picture windows can be made much larger than windows that open. Fixed windows are perfect for filling large opernings with glass for abundant natural light where no ventilation is required. They are also more airtight than opening windows, making them more energy-efficient.

Request a free quote on new bright, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance picture windows for your home in the Boston, Massachusetts area and beyond.

a series of picture windows fill a living room wit abundant natural sunlight Frame

Custom-shaped windows

Picture windows are the type of windows that don’t open. While most of them are rectangular, it does not mean they have to be. Picture windows can be manufactured in virtually any shape: angled or triangular t fill a gable to the roof, arched, circular or oval, octagonal — you name it.

Shaped fixed windows bring that extra decorative element that can be defining for a home’s unique style. With the airtightness of a non-opening picture window, they are also very energy efficient.

We manufacture and install picture windows that are arched, half-moon-shaped, rectangular, elliptical, round, trapezoidal, triangular, and in virtually any shape your home has. Request a free quote on new bright, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance shaped windows for your home in the Boston and elsewhere New England.

two quarter-round windows above two hung windows in a living room

Bay windows

A bay window is combination of several windows, usually three, featuring a larger central lite flanked by two angled windows and protruding outside beyond the wall. The angles are usually 30 or 45 degrees, but can range from small to straight angles, the latter producing what is also called a box window.

Reminiscent of Victorian homes, bay windows were often used to add architectural interest. By providing a vantage point located beyond the wall, they also offer a panoramic view outside. This style element is still sought after in new homes, either with walls framed in bays from ceiling to floor, or with a true bay window that is fitted into a square rough opening and finished with a seat supported by oriels (braces transferring the weight to the wall framing) and capped with its own roof.

If you’re looking to replace a bay window in your New England home, or to replace a flat window with a bay, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us and we’ll be happy to design and price a beautiful and energy-efficient bay window for you.

Gorgeous bay window with seat in a sunroom creates a cozy space for relaxation

Bow windows

A bow window is essentially a bay window that is built with multiple, usually 5, equal-sized lites arranged in an arc, protruding outside. Apart from adding architectural interest, bow windows can also add functionality by providing extra sill space for plants or décor.

A traditional style reminiscent of English cottages, bow windows have also been adopted in bungalows, ranch homes, and other architectural styles. Bow windows are great for wide openings, and work best installed to fit completely under the overhang of eaves. If you’re a cat person, you may find yourself in a territorial dispute with your feline roommate – who doesn’t like a window seat that gives a panoramic view of the neighborhood while staying in the comfort and safety of home?

We manufacture and install traditional-styled bow windows with the best new technology available in fenestration today. We’ll be happy to provide a free quote on a bow window for your home in the greater Boston area.

3-lite bow window with seat in a bedroom provides a panoramic view outside and extra sill space

Entry doors

Your front entrance door is the centerpiece of your home, and the exterior shell element that is the most used. You want your exterior doors to be durable as to withstand decades of traffic, secure to keep any unwanted visitors out, and weatherproof to resist decades of pounding from the elements. But most of all, you want your front door to be beautiful, inviting, and to raise your home’s curb appeal. We can help with that!

We offer an outstanding selection of door styles. Choose an insulated, virtually-no-maintenance steel exterior door that can be custom-tailored in a unique combination of decorate glass, hardware, and finishes. Or go with a fiberglass door that replicates the beauty of natural wood, without warping, rotting, and pest damage, all while insulating better. All of our doors are made-to-order for every single customer. This way, you get an exact fit and the look you wanted, all backed for 25 years. Get a free quote to secure a sweet price on a gorgeous front, side, or other entry door for your home.

beautiful contemporary fiberglass door with glass inserts, sidelites, and transom, in an open-concept new home

French or garden doors

A garden door is a double entry door without a mullion in between – essentially an exterior French door. Garden doors are usually made with full glass, allowing a wide view outside, that’s why they are also called hinged patio doors, or terrace doors. Regardless of what you call them, you want your garden doors to be bright, secure, well insulated and airtight. Garden doors are often chosen over sliding glass doors because one can open them fully, for a wider passageway to the backyard and for maximum ventilation. They will definitely make it easier to transform your dinner into a backyard party.

With our outstanding selection of entry door styles, you can get a garden door that’s as unique as you want it to be. You can get your hinged patio doors in your own combination of decorate glass, hardware, and finishes.

All of our doors are made-to-order for every single customer, and backed for 25 years. Get a free quote to secure the best price on a beautiful garden door for your home.

gorgeous French door flanked by two sidelites and an arched transom providing an expansive view to a beautiful garden

Sliding patio doors

A sliding glass door that opens to a patio, deck, or backyard is usually called a patio door. In some places, it is also called a doorwall. Don’t ask us why, but do ask us what’s there’s not to love about patio doors. Patio doors were introduced to homes in the Western hemisphere fairly recently, and they may have been influenced by older East Asian designs.

Essentially oversized slider windows designed for through traffic and with a tougher construction, patio doors combine the best of entry doors and windows in one. Maximum natural lighting, generous ventilation, and a visually expansion of the home interior outside, all while keeping the indoors comfortable. Made with double and triple-pane glass, low-emissivity coatings, argon gas fills, and warm-edge spacers, and all the latest fenestration technology designed to reduce your home’s energy consumption.

Our sliding glass doors are made-to-order in virtually any configuration and size. Get a free quote for a great price on a beautiful custom patio door for your home.

gorgeous French door flanked by two sidelites and an arched transom providing an expansive view to a beautiful garden

About Nordik Windows and Doors

As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in providing the complete window replacement experience, from sales to installation and after-sale support. Our hassle-free process offers peace of mind knowing that you get the most energy-efficient and durable windows and the best quality on made-to-order doors. All manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities and certified to the highest national standards.

Our commitment to service is backed by one of the most comprehensive and simplest warranties in the industry. Everything we install is covered for 25 years straight, parts and labor. The trust of thousands of homeowners has earned us the BBB Accredited Business A+ rating as well as multiple awards. Request a free consultation to get started with a Nordik Windows and Doors professional in your area today.

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