A bay window with black exterior color which is made up of several fixed windows

Bay & Bow

RevoCell Windows

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Our bay or bow windows are perfect for rooms that you want to stand out. They protrude outside, offering a wider view, and can visually expand the interior space. With a wide range of options, we can make a bay or bow window for any taste.

Bay and Bow Window Gallery

Take a look at this gallery to see what our Bay and Bow windows can look like installed in a home.

Bay & Bow Windows Built to Deliver

From energy savings, to durability and security, our RevoCell bay and bow windows have been designed to exceed the highest standards — including your spouse’s.

Window Model Double-pane Casement Triple-pane Casement
U value (Btu/h·sqft·F) 0.25 0.15
Lower is better (more insulation)
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.53 0.46
Higher is better for Northern climates
Condensation Resistance 59 73
Higher is better (less fogging on the interior)
Visible Transmittance 0.57 0.51
Higher is better (more natural light)
Air infiltration/exfiltration rate (cfm/sqft) 0.004 0.004
Lower is better (more airtight)
Forced Entry Resistance F40 F40
Higher is better (more secure)
NAFS Performance Class LC LC
R is required for single family homes (LC is a class up)
NAFS Performance Grade 85 85
Higher is better (required 15)
NFRC verification reference (CPD #) NDK-M-1-00021-00001 NDK-M-1-00029-00001
National Fenestration Ratings Council verified test results
Energy Star designation, Northern Zone Certified 2023 Most Efficient
Most Efficient is Energy Star's highest designation

*Bay and Bow windows are an assembly of our casement and picture windows. The above Energy Ratings are for our RevoCell Casement windows.

Everything you need in a Bay Window

Convenient, durable, and energy-saving, our Bay & Bow Windows have been specifically designed to withstand the North American climate extremes.

Nordik bay windows feature a Contemporary design.

Modern exterior with understated slim profiles and up to 20% larger glass surface.

Nordik bay windows feature Microcellular PVC construction.

The solid-core microcellular PVC frame is 4.5”, deeper than the usual 3.25”, making a window that’s stronger and seals the rough opening better.

Nordik bay windows have Dual and triple-pane options.

Our bay windows are available with double-pane or triple-pane glass and filled with 98% environmentally-friendly Argon gas.

Nordik bay windows feature Low-emissivity coated glass.

Our super-clear low-iron glass allow more visible light through, while low-e coatings help reflect back heat.

Nordik bay windows have cellular warm-edge spacer.

Our insulated glass units use a top-performance cellular warm-edge spacer to minimize direct heat transfer.

Nordik bay windows feature Triple weatherstripping.

We use triple continuous weatherstripping seals at the window frame and sash interface, for an airtight fit.

Nordik bay windows feature a “One-Click”, easy-to-remove screen.

Our “One-Click” screens are the easiest to operate in the industry, making removal and installation a breeze while withstanding decades of use.

Nordik bay windows have cellular warm-edge spacer.

Bay and bow windows can have a seat in your choice of material. Plywood (left) can be painted, oak (right) can be stained, and formica (centre) provides a ready finish.

Nordik bay windows feature foam-insulated posts.

The angled bay mullions are filled with polyurethane foam for superior insulation.

Custom styles to suit your custom needs

Take advantage of our personalized window solutions to enhance the look of your windows with internal and external grids.

Example of a Perimeter Slimline internal grid in Brass, Khaki window

Perimeter Slimline internal grid in Brass, Khaki window

Example of a Partial Georgian internal grid in Ivory

Partial Georgian internal grid in Ivory

Example of a Georgian external grid in Black

1 ¼” Georgian external grid in Black

Example of a Diamond internal grid in pewter pencil, Iron Ore window

Diamond internal grid in pewter pencil, Iron Ore window

Example of a rectangular internal grid in Cashmere

⅝” rectangular internal grid in Cashmere


We offer a fully-transferable, comprehensive 25-year warranty on all of our products, installation, and service parts and labour. As part of our customer care guarantee, if anything goes wrong we will make it right.

no bull icon


Here’s how our "No-Bull" Warranty measures up to the competition:


check mark icon25 years, parts and labor

check mark iconTransferable at any time

check mark iconNo proof of purchase necessary

check mark iconNot pro-rated

check mark iconSimple


x mark iconLabor not included after first year (@ $100 per hour or more)

x mark icon“Lifetime” on specific parts only

x mark iconPages of small print and complex legal language

x mark iconMultiple exclusions

x mark icon“Normal wear and tear” not covered

x mark iconDifferent warranties between manufacturer and installer

x mark iconCumbersome warranty registration processes

x mark iconComplicated warranty claim processes

x mark iconLong wait times on warranty or service claims – weeks and months


Take the customization of your windows further, and fine tune their design and performance. Choose custom glass finishes to add privacy or alter the tint of natural light.

An example of specialty grey glass.

Grey Glass

An example of specialty frosted glass.

Frosted Glass

An example of specialty Glue-chip glass.

Glue Chip Glass

An example of specialty Broinze-Glass glass.

Bronze Glass


Our windows are made with the newest energy-saving technology available on the market. Backed by Tremco’s exclusive 50-year fenestration industry expertise, the EnerEDGE© warm-edge spacer meets national and international standards, exceeding the performance of the best competitors.