Service First

Even though we manufacture, sell, and install windows, we’ve always thought of ourselves primarily as a service organization.

For the last 35 years, we’ve treated our customers the same way that we’d like to be treated — with honesty and professionalism. Of all the values that we hold dear, we hold one above the rest – Integrity. In an industry that, unfortunately, has its share of questionable players and activities, we believe that integrity is both central to our success and the value that which our customers value the most.

Our warranty reflects these values. No tricks, no omissions, no small print – everything you need to know on one page that clearly and simply explains what is covered when you choose Nordik.

Our approach to sales and marketing reflects these values. We don’t inflate our list price and then promote steep discounts. We don’t employ high-pressure sales tactics. When we come into your home, we measure your windows, we answer your questions, we provide you with a detailed quote, and then we’re on our way.

Our approach to service reflects these values. If there’s ever a problem we fix it, we make it right. We stand behind our products, people, and, most of all, our clients. We create customers for life.

Delivering Real Value to Our Customers.

Our business goal has remained the same from the day Nordik opened our doors for business in 1982 – deliver the best value possible to our customers. That means manufacturing high quality products and selling and installing them for the fairest possible price. We believe we deliver on this promise better than anyone else in the industry.

Our Story

In 1982, we began manufacturing windows in Ontario. Since then, we’ve grown to become one of the fastest growing businesses in the replacement window and door industry.

1982 Ottawa

Aero Products (one of the largest windows manufacturers in Quebec at that time) buys Astro, a local Ottawa window manufacturer located at 60 Colonnade Rd, Nepean. The company is renamed Nordik Windows Inc. Robert Béchard, a minority owner and sales director at Aero, is named President.

1982 Ottawa

Nordik Windows begins production of aluminium windows for the contractor market in Ottawa. First year sales of 1.6M.

1985 Ottawa

Nordik Windows begins production of PVC windows for the contractor market.

1990 Ottawa

Nordik Windows moves into its new (and current) manufacturing plant of 38,000 sq. ft. at 104 Clement St. in Vars.

1996 Ottawa / Montreal

Michel Pion, owner of the Verdun Group in Montreal, buys 50% of Nordik Windows. Robert Béchard buys the other 50% from shareholders.

1996 Ottawa

Nordik launches its retail brand in Ottawa – Verdun Doors and Windows – as a franchise of the Montreal-based Verdun Group, with a showroom at 104 Clement St. in Vars.

1996 Ottawa

Nordik Windows becomes the main supplier of windows for the entire Verdun Group.

2006 Ottawa

Robert Béchard retires. Philippe Béchard, Robert’s son, takes over day-to-day operations of Verdun Windows and Doors.

2007 Ottawa

Philippe Béchard takes over day-to-day operations of the Nordik window manufacturing business.

2013 Ottawa

Nordik acquires local window retailer Portes et Fenêtres Guitard in Gatineau, Quebec.

2014 Ottawa

Nordik acquires local window retailer Ottawa Windows & Doors.

2015 Ottawa

Nordik acquires local window retailer Lambden Doors and Windows in Ottawa.

2016 Barrie

Nordik acquires local window retailer Northern Comfort Windows and Doors in Barrie.

2017 Ottawa

Nordik launches RevoCell™, a revolutionary new window technology based on microcellular PVC.

2017 Hamilton

Nordik acquires local window retailer Beverley Hills Windows and Doors in Hamilton.

2017 Scarborough

Nordik acquires local window retailer Consumer’s Choice Windows and Doors in Scarborough.

2017 Ottawa, Barrie

Nordik Windows completes a new 20,000 sq. ft. expansion and a fully automated glass line. We also bring the new RevoCell™ windows to market.

2018 Mississauga

Nordik Windows and Doors launches as a retail brand in Mississauga.

2018 Hamilton

Nordik acquires local window retailer QSI Windows and Doors in Hamilton.

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