A beautiful new exterior door is a cost-effective way to add curb appeal to your home. We build every single door locally, using the best components available, for amazing looks, maximum durability, and high energy efficiency. We take care of the entire door replacement process: from measuring and manufacturing to installation and after-sale service. Our doors are covered by a 25-year warranty, parts and labour.

Two modern entry doors with texture glass inserts.

Nordik Entry Door Features

Large Style Selection
Very durable
100% Canadian
Sized for an exact fit
Top quality hardware
Locally assembled
Low maintenance
25-Year Warranty

Not all doors are made the same way.

The steel doors we manufacture are designed to withstand our harsh Northern climate better, while being super-durable, low-maintenance, and secure. They are built locally using top-quality, innovative components from leading Canadian suppliers.

a cutout of a basic entry door.

Generic Steel Door

Basic exterior door made for an entry-level price point.

a cutout of a Nordik steel entry door.

Our Steel Door System

Built for maximum durability, security, and energy efficiency.

The Devil is in the Details

The wrong component can break your door, or make you hate it. We build our steel doors with the best technology on the market. Here some of the features that make our entry doors exceptional:

Nordik doors feature an Adjustable Self-Draining Door Sweep.

Adjustable Self-Draining Door Sweep

Directs driving rain water to sill and eliminates leaks to interior floor. Multiple fins with an interior compression bulb seal allow for movement while preventing drafts.

Nordik doors feature a Warm-Edge Clear Anodized Sill.

Warm-Edge Clear Anodized Sill

Extruded PVC thermal break sill adapter eliminates interior condensation. Heavy-duty extruded aluminum sloping exterior sill plate with sill extensions directs rainwater away from the door with a slip resistant surface. Solid wood sub-sill provides a solid base to support weight. NAFS Approved.

Nordik doors feature a Warm-Edge Clear Anodized Sill.

Insulated Steel Door Panel

24-gauge galvanized steel panels separated with perimeter stiles and 16” Iock block. Rust-resistant steel with added security against break-ins built into hardware area. Insulated with CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation against extreme cold and hot weather conditions.

Nordik doors feature a Waterproof Closed-Cell Foam Gasket.

Waterproof Closed-Cell Foam Gasket

Applied between wood jamb and sill provides that extra seal to prevent water seepage and wood rot.

Nordik doors feature a Heavy-Duty Wood Jambs.

Heavy-Duty Wood Jambs

Oversized 1-1/2” jambs compared to industry standard of 1-1/4”, assembled with 3” screws instead of staples. Provides added strength against warping, and a heavier frame to anchor hinges, support door panels and heavier glass.

Nordik doors feature a Vinyl Wrapped Jambs.

Vinyl Wrapped Jambs

The wood jambs are wrapped in a waterproof vinyl cladding. Vinyl offers a maintenance-free finish that won’t weather or fade.

Nordik doors feature a Magnetic and Compression Weather Stripping.

Magnetic and Compression Weather Stripping

Foam compression weather strip on hinge jamb. Magnetic weatherstrip on header and latch jambs. The magnet sticks to steel door and door panel and compresses against foam to prevent drafts.

Nordik doors feature a choice of Weather Stripping Colour.

Choice of Weather Stripping Colour

We offer our weather strip in black or beige, to coordinate better with the door or cladding. Does not create eye sore of white on a colour door. Eliminates light at the bottom of the door caused by reflection of sunlight.

Nordik doors feature a 16” Security Plate.

16” Security Plate

A 16-inch, 18-gauge thick steel plate is applied to door jamb at handle and lock location. Provides maximum security against break-ins.

Nordik doors feature a Heavy-Duty Ball-Bearing Hinges.

Heavy-Duty Ball-Bearing Hinges

Thicker-gauge ball-bearing solid brass extruded hinges provide effortless swing, with increased weight capacity for those very heavy glass options. Available in several standard finishes to match the decorative glass caming and/or hardware.

Nordik doors feature a Black Sill Crown and Sweep Cover option.

Black Sill Crown and Sweep Cover (option)

Black sweep and sill crown go perfectly with painted doors.

Nordik doors feature a Black Anodized Sill option.

Black Anodized Sill (option)

The all-black sill and crown adds an extra bit of elegance to your door system.

Modern white double doors with rectangular transom and double sidelites

This modern, double front door features full lite glass inserts and two full light sidelites. Additionally, a rectangular transom is on top of the door system to allow maximum light to enter the home.

Entry Doors in Any Configuration

Our doors can be easily configured to accomodate any dimension, style or lighting requirements for your home. Just a few possible configurations are illustrated below.

Single Door Configuration
Single Door with Transoms
Single with transoms
Single Door with Left Sidelite
Single with left sidelite
Single Door with Right Sidelite
Single with right sidelite
Single Door with Double Sidelites
Single with two sidelites
Single Door with Double Sidelites and Transom
Single with two sidelites and transom
Double Doors or French Doors
Double / French
Triple Doors
Quadruple Doors
Black, front door with right sidelite and modern, rectangular transom

This front door features a ¾ lite decorative glass insert in a modern design. With the coordinating sidelite insert and transom glazing, the glass finish adds privacy while allowing for generous natural light to enter.

Get All the Glass You Like in Your Front Door

The more glazing your door has, the more natural lighting you get inside. You can get beautiful glass and keep your home private at the same time, with a great choice of decorative glass styles and finishes, also available in transoms and sidelites for a coordinated look.

Single Door with no glass
No Glass (Slab Only)
Single Door with full glass
Full Lite
Single Door with 3/4 glass
¾ Lite
Single Door with half glass
½ Lite
Single Door with 1/4 glass
¼ Lite
Quadruple doors with custom glass configuration
Numerous other custom designs to choose from
Modern steel entry door with extended arch transom

This modern, chestnut residential door featured two full sidelites and an extended arch transom. All glass is decorative and is semi-transparent to allow optimal light into the home while adding privacy.

Add an Extra Dimension to Your Entrance with a Transom

Transoms add magnitude to the exterior entrance. They are a great way to allow a lot of natural light into your home, creating an inviting and visually ampler indoor space. Like the doors and sidelites, our transoms are available in Low-E, treated, or decorative glass. You can also add grilles to match an existing style or for extra character.

We manufacture transoms in any size and format. The most common transom types that we manufacture are:

Rectangular transom
Round / half moon transom
Round / Half-moon
Elliptical transom
Extended arch transom
Extended Arch
Interior view of white door with full glass insert and double sidelites

The interior view of this front door features two full light sidelites with full transparency and a full glass insert in the door. The glazing on the glass insert adds some extra security while still allowing light to pass through.

Sidelites to Open Up Your Hall

Fill your interior with pleasing natural light, and connect your indoors to the outdoor using sidelites. These can be installed on the right, left, or both sides (double sidelites) of your door. Our sidelites are available in Low-E glass for energy efficiency, decorative or treated glass for privacy and style, and can be further enhanced with any of our grille patterns. We also offer a new and better alternative to the storm door – the Venting Sidelite which can be opened up to 90 degrees. Our venting sidelite operates like a crank window and comes included with a screen. This system also includes weatherstripping for superior airtightness.

Full Glass Sidelite
Full Glass Sidelite
Full Light Sidelite
Full Light Sidelite (with Slab)
3/4 Light Sidelite
¾ Light Sidelite (with Slab)
Half Light Sidelite
½ Light Sidelite (with Slab)
Single door with double venting sidelites
Venting Full Glass Sidelite (double)
A white residential door with custom granite sill

The steel entry door featured above contains a ¾ glass insert with grilles and a custom granite sill. Upgrade your sill with granite, marble, or any other stone we have in stock.

Customize to the Last Detail

Add elegance to your entranceway with a custom sill in granite, marble, or any other stone; install a smart lock and integrate with your home automation system; get the door painted in that exact color tone you wanted. No job is too small, and we do it professionally.

Brighten Up with Sidelights and Transoms

A steel entry door with a sidelite and glass insert.

Regardless of how you spell it, a sidelite or sidelight is exactly what it sounds like: glass flanking the door. Apart from allowing more light inside, sidelites can offer a better view outside. Depending on the door opening size or its style, they can be manufactured as a fixed door panel with a glass insert, or take the form of a corner-to-corner insulated glass unit with your choice of clear, textured, or decorative glass.

A front entry door with sidelites, an insert and a transom.

Transoms are windows above your door. They allow natural light inside, making your interior feel brighter and more spacious. Doors with transoms make quite a statement from the outside, and are a perfect fit for homes with high and cathedral ceilings. Our transoms are manufactured in any shape or style, to elevate your home style: whether it’s a heritage building, split-level bungalow, or a minimalist contemporary design.

Secure, Convenient Hardware

Save yourself the hassle and let us install quality hardware for your door. We offer a comprehensive selection of durable and secure gripsets, each available in multiple styles and finishes. We’ll get your home entrance looking spick-and-span with coordinating levers, knobs, and deadbolts. You can also opt for the convenience of a modern electronic lock. Our 25-year Warranty extends to all the door hardware we install. Here are just a few of the styles offered:

Weiser Avalon Entry Door Handle


Weiser Hawthorne Entry Door Handle


Weiser San Clemente Entry Door Handle

San Clemente

Weiser Tavaris Entry Door Handle


Convert your Deadbolt to a Smart Lock

Upgrade your front door system with keyless entry solutions from Weiser in the form of the SmartCode™ 5 or SmartCode™ 10. The SmartCode™ 10 advanced touchscreen is ultra responsive to touch for instant screen display and features cool white LEDs for defined illumination.

Weiser SmartCode 5 Keyless Entry Door Handle

SmartCode 5

Weiser SmartCode 10 Keyless Entry Door Handle

SmartCode 10

Energy Efficient Exterior Doors

Our doors are built for a greener future. They are as energy-efficient as possible, to help keep your home comfortable, lower your energy bills, and reduce your household greenhouse emissions.

A father holds hands with his children as his wife opens the front entry door for them to go outside.

If you’re looking to save more money on your heating and cooling bills with an energy-efficient new door, look no further. We make our doors insulated and airtight, using the best components available, so you can enjoy a great look and a more comfortable home decades down the road. We use superior weatherstripping that minimizes the risk of water infiltration. The polyurethane core insulation of the door panel won't decay or be damaged by pests, and has the best R-value among insulation materials.

Your Home Upgrades are in Good Hands.

We’re in a relentless pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction. With innovative fenestration products certified for top performance. With the most professional installation crews around. With a service department that’s always there to fix issues. With giving back to our community. That’s why thousands of homeowners in South Ontario trust Nordik Windows and Doors for their home upgrades.

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