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I placed my order before the grant was announced. Our installation is scheduled for (four months from now). Can I still claim the Greener Homes Grant that started June 7th 2021?

Conrad in Cornwall

Thanks for the great question, Conrad. This topic has come up plenty, so we thought it would be great to answer publicly so we can help other homeowners.

Many people had scheduled installations of windows, doors, patio doors before the government announced their Greener Homes Grant. That left lots of people wondering if they had missed the opportunity to get in on the rebates.

Fear not!

As long as you schedule and complete your pre-evaluation prior to your window installation date, your project will be eligible. The government has a long list of eligible companies to perform these evaluations , but we have our own list of preferred partners, too. Keep in mind, the energy auditor determines whether your project was needed to improve the energy efficiency of your home in the first place, but you were going to do your home renovation before the government announced that a grant existed, anyway!

Pro Tip

We can submit your information to an independent third-party energy auditor to make the process as easy as possible. If your window and door installation is already scheduled and you don’t have an energy audit booked, contact us and we’d be happy to help.

Once the pre-evaluation and renovation are complete, the company of your choosing can return and perform a post-evaluation to ensure that the changes made actually improved the energy efficiency of your home. That’s why it’s best to go with a company that can be trusted for not only installation, but products, too.

We offer expert installation and the highest energy rated windows on the market . On top of that, we're streamlining the government rebate process by giving you the option to have us submit your information on your behalf to get your pre- and post-evaluations as quickly as possible.

We’re like a 1-stop shop.

Thanks for Asking an Expert, Conrad!

We appreciate the question and hope this helps clear up some of the confusion surrounding the Greener Homes Grant with regards to when you need to get your energy audits done to qualify.

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