Not since The Tragically Hip has someone blended the Leafs and music quite so well.

Although at this point, all you need to do is blend the Leafs with Weezer's "Say it Ain't So" and BAM, match made in heaven.

Maple Leaf fandom hardships notwithstanding, we're pleased to introduce you Chris, one of our many seasoned window experts!

"Hi I'm Chris! I'm a sales representative and basically my job is to measure windows and doors , come up with designs and consult with the customer to see exactly what they need and want.

We're pretty busy here at Nordik! We do about 600 estimates a year. I've seen every situation and every problem that could occur. There's no situation that we can't resolve for you!

I was born in Victoria , BC. My dad was in the Navy and so I've lived actually all over Canada. I've seen pretty much all of the major cities.

I've always wanted to be a musician so I've been playing guitar. I went to school for music and I still play today. This is my guitar. Don't ask me to sing a song when I come for the estimate because I don't bring it with me!

If you're really good, maybe I'll send you a song. :)

I'm a busy guy. I have a wife and two girls and they play hockey. So, a lot of times you're gonna see me taping up sticks, getting skates sharpened , or cheering them on in the crowd.

I'm a big hockey fan. I follow Leafs and I'm on the radio listening to games all the time.


If you see a Nordik van going by and all of a sudden you see this red light go off...

It means the Leafs have scored!"

Do you need Chris and his Red Light to advise you on New Windows!?

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