Is this the next Oprah!?

We have no idea!

But our very own sales representative, Rachel, loves meeting new people and learning about their needs. Now in Burlington, by way of Mississauga, Rachel is excited to meet you and help you with your home improvement project.

If she's wearing ski googles when she comes to your house, just be cool.

"Hi my name is Rachel and I'm a sales representative for Nordik Windows and Doors. What my job entails is, I'm going to come to your home, measure your windows, measure your doors, help you pick a style, color. Then, I'll give you a quote and I'll educate you on how our products are different than everybody else's and we'll go from there!

I was born and raised in Mississauga. I moved to Burlington after university.

My favorite part about Burlington is being close to the water on Lake Ontario because I actually grew up sailing. So, that's really important to me to be near the waterfront so i can go sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, anything you can imagine. :)

I just like being near the water!

As a kid, even through high school, my dream job was to be a talk show host. I wanted to be the next Oprah because I think it's really fun to meet new people learn a little bit about them, interview them, find out all their juicy secrets. ;)

My favorite hobby, especially during the winter time, is to go skiing. You can catch me in the train park hitting cool jumps and, most of the time, landing them!

These are my favorite ski goggles! I like them because I look really anonymous in them and you can't tell who I am.

It's very important to me to keep a healthy, active lifestyle. I'm currently working on my yoga instructor certificate. So, if you're feeling stressed when I arrive please let me know!

I love working for Nordik Windows and Doors because it's a very supportive and collaborative environment. I find that this is a company where we have a lot of integrity and that's very important to me because I think that's hard to find across any industry.

I also love my job because I get to help you pick out nice colors and designs and make the curb appeal of your house soooo much nicer. Your neighbors will be very jealous. :)

I'm really excited to meet you and help you with your home improvement project!"

Do you want Rachel to help make your neighbors jealous!? :)

Let her help you find the right solution for your window and doors needs!

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