At Nordik, we're a proudly Canadian company, and as such, we embrace the change of seasons. We manufacture and install our windows and doors year-round.

Winter is often seen as a time to cozy up indoors, but it's also the perfect season to consider a significant home improvement – new windows . At Nordik, we understand the hesitation homeowners might feel about replacing their windows during the colder months. However, we want to shed light on the fact that winter brings unique advantages in terms of service, installation flexibility, and pricing. This winter is an especially advantageous time to schedule your high-efficiency window installation with programs like the Canada Greener Homes Grant still available - but may be ending soon .

Benefit #1

Beat the Spring Rush → More Time for You

One of the key benefits of ordering and installing new windows during the winter is the opportunity to beat the spring rush. As the temperatures rise, so does the demand for window replacements. By opting for a winter installation, you can take advantage of more installation dates and experience shorter waiting times. Spring is a busy season for renovations, and getting ahead of the rush ensures that you have more time for yourself and your schedule.

Benefit #2

Seasonal Savings → More Money in Your Pocket

Winter demand for window replacements often leads to seasonal savings. During this time, homeowners can benefit from lower prices on a range of products. Manufacturers and service providers may offer special promotions or discounts to incentivize installations during the colder months. This means more money in your pocket as you invest in enhancing the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. 

Benefit #3

Energy Efficiency → Lower Your Energy Bills

Advancements in window technology, such as our Nordik RevoCell windows , offer a third significant benefit – enhanced energy efficiency. The microcellular PVC (mPVC) used in RevoCell windows contains billions of microscopic cells, providing a stronger structure for the window frame and ensuring better efficiency and performance.

Canada's cold climate demands efficient heating solutions, and our RevoCell windows are designed to meet this challenge. They have been awarded Energy Star’s 'Most Efficient' Rating for 2023 by NRCan (Natural Resources Canada) . The advanced technology of RevoCell windows provides superior energy efficiency, allowing you to enjoy all the advantages of triple pane glass without the drawbacks.

Installing energy-efficient windows during the winter means you can start maximizing the benefits right away, leading to potential savings on energy costs. According to Natural Resources Canada, space heating accounts for a significant 63.6% of the energy used in the average Canadian home.

Why Nordik?

At Nordik, we ensure worry-free winter installations through meticulous preparation. Our custom-made windows and doors are pre-assembled and ready to install from our factory, and each installation is done one window or door at a time to minimize exposure to the cool winter air. Our focus on finishing activities, both inside and out, ensures your home is sealed with high-grade insulation and the highest grade temperature-rated sealant.

Rest assured, when you choose Nordik windows and doors, you're not only getting the best in the business but also benefiting from our complete customer care guarantee. Don't let winter hold you back – embrace the season and upgrade your home with Nordik RevoCell windows for a warmer, more energy-efficient living space.

Better to have one cold day in the house rather than an entire winter.

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