A PVC window with a tree root growing out of the bottom of it and green scenary in the background.

We are partnering with Tree Canada to plant a tree for every window we manufacture and install

Starting January 1st 2021, we will plant a tree for every single window we manufacture and install. It's a small but powerful step — reforestation is the most effective and affordable solution to counter climate change . From our own estimates, a mature tree can offset the embedded carbon of a small-sized window in a single year. That would make each window we install during this program carbon neutral.

Now consider this: all of our windows are rated ENERGY STAR High Efficiency in Canada, and our top-selling RevoCell® windows are rated ENERGY STAR 2021 Most Efficient. It means that they offer more energy savings and comfort than most other replacement windows on the market, thus reducing your carbon footprint, too. You’ll be hard pressed to find a greener alternative for your window replacement.

Why do we care?

Let's be honest: the world our parents left us was greener and healthier than what we’re leaving for the next generation. We are irreversibly altering our planet, and not in a good way. Making it less self-sustainable impacts our own quality of life as well as our long-term survival prospects as a species.

It is particularly sad to see that Canada continues to lose its forests , especially as our country accounts for 8% of the planet’s forest coverage. Large mining operations leave scars the size of small countries on the planet surface, poisoning fragile ecosystems that surround them. That’s only the beginning.

A PVC window with a tree root growing out of the bottom of it and green scenary in the background.

In Canada, housing and transportation are two major contributors to CO2 emissions. Making these more energy efficient are key to reducing our carbon footprint.

How to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

It all matters. Every single thing we can do to help matters. We can make our homes more energy efficient by replacing leaky windows and doors with high-performance ones, insulating the house better, and using more efficient appliances. We can drive low- or zero-emissions vehicles. We can properly recycle more waste. We can save more water, eat less meat, and choose to buy local rather than from halfway around the globe. All of these actions help reduce our overall carbon footprint.

More reasons to plant trees

Apart from being the cheapest and most effective way to draw carbon back from the atmosphere, trees support a myriad of other living organisms. They create biomes and shelter wildlife. Trees make windbreaks to protect against hurricanes and tornadoes. The deep root systems of trees help stabilize the soil against erosion and landslides. Tree shade provides sought-after shelter against scorching heat and cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation, making the outdoor environment more comfortable, healthier. Forests attract rain by sustaining the natural water cycle and drawing moisture-laden wind from the coast deep inside the continent. A tree’s greenery relieves visual strain, keeping our vision healthier . Foliage rustling in the wind creates white noise for our relaxation and mental health. Plus, trees make the best places to hang a swing – the kind you’ll remember a lifetime.

A PVC window with a tree root growing out of the bottom of it and green scenary in the background.

People who find a strong attraction to the forest could be influenced by an innate nesting instinct — early humans were most likely forest dwellers.

How can you get involved?

Planting a single tree with your kids or grandkids is a meaningful start, but the impact is symbolic. It takes planting hundreds of trees to absorb the carbon emissions of a single Canadian household per year. You can use Tree Canada Carbon calculator to run the math for your own household.

Luckily, there are organisations that work hard to support greening efforts in Canada, and could really use a helping hand. Tree Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to planting and nurturing trees nationwide. Since 1992, they have planted over 82 million trees in urban and rural environments alike. For reforestation, they use native tree species, in order to bolster local ecosystems and wildlife habitats. It is only natural that we've decided to support their efforts in greening our country, and invite you to join us in doing so. As we’ve mentioned, we will be planting a tree for each window we manufacture and install from January 1st, 2021 until Earth Day - April 22, 2021. Don’t just think green, live green.

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