COVID-19: What we're doing to keep you and our workers safe

At Nordik Windows & Doors, our priority remains the health and well-being of our community, from customers to employees and partners. People around the world are affected in an unprecedented way by the spread of the novel coronavirus strain, and the associated COVID-19 disease. In this challenging time of uncertainty and risk, we are working hard to ensure everyone’s safety.

We are monitoring the situation closely, keeping our team informed, and following all public health authorities’ recommendations. We have adapted our work protocols and have put in place procedures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Here is what we are doing at our premises:

  • All of our staff who have traveled to areas where the novel coronavirus has been detected undergo a mandatory 2-week period of self-isolation, and we are facilitating their ability to work from home where possible. We are strongly discouraging any non-essential travel for the time being;
  • We have implemented mandatory workplace hygiene and sanitation protocols. Handwashing with soap is required upon arrival, frequently during the day, and prior to departure from the office. All our staff are observed for and required to immediately report any signs of cough, shortness of breath, and fever. Staff showing any symptoms are immediately sent home;
  • We are applying social distancing to keep everyone two meters apart and to prevent any personal contact. We require that all shared equipment and materials be cleaned with disinfectant wipes before and after use; and
  • We do not allow any walk-ins on our premises except by authorization, with all necessary security measures in place for a safe meeting.

Here is what we are doing at customer’s homes:

  • All employees are required to properly wash their hands with soap upon arrival at a client’s home. We are equipping them with disinfectant wipes, hand sanitation gels, water and tissues where washrooms are inaccessible;
  • We require that employees and our customers stay two meters apart during visits in order to avoid all physical contact. We also require that any equipment to be used by customers is sanitized first; and
  • We have put in place paperless/digital document traffic, and encourage our customers and partners to use it instead of paper. We keep all remote communication channels accessible as usual, whether by phone or electronically.

As an added safety measure, our public showrooms will only be open by appointment only until further notice. The manufacturing facilities and office are operating as usual. Please note that if there are any impacts to our schedules or delivery timelines, we will reach out to inform you at the earliest convenience.

We understand the concerns you may have about in-home consultations, installations, and services. Please reach out to us at (416) 335-8323 with any questions or issues. We stand ready to serve you at a time that’s best for you.

We are honoured that you have chosen to do business with Nordik Windows & Doors, and appreciate your support in keeping our communities safe. We want you to have a safe and great experience with us.


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We stand ready to serve you at a time that’s best for you.

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