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Our bay and bow windows feature a solid microcellular PVC construction that offers the window extra strength and insulation. This technology allows manufacturing windows that are more energy-efficient, brighter, and stronger.

Discover the technology

revocell window cutaway with microcellular pvc blow up

More Efficient.

We build our windows for maximum indoor comfort, year-round. Our RevoCell® bay and bow windows, in casement operable style, have a top Energy Rating (ER) with both double and triple-pane configurations.

40 Double Pane
48 Triple Pane

Energy Rating (ER)

A RevoCell bay window with the Energy Star Most Efficient 2024 logo.


Our RevoCell® window frames, sashes, mullions, and brickmoulds are solid inside, which makes then stronger than the hollow chambers used in regular PVC windows. All of our windows come standard with a 4.5” deep frame, 38% more than the industry standard of 3.25”. This makes them more rigid and help seal the wall opening better.

With casement profiles, our bay and bow windows achieve a whopping Performance Grade of 85, levels above the nearest competitors.

85 NAFS Performance Grade
A comparison of RevoCell's Solid-core microcellular PVC engineering versus the hollow chambers of the competition.


The extra strength of microcellular PVC allows manufacturing our windows windows with slimmer frames and sashes. This adds an extra 1.5” of glass in each dimension compared to ordinary PVC windows. this allows for slimmer mullions, which adds up to more glass on multi-paneled bow windows. With clearer glass, you get more natural light inside.

Isn’t that why you get windows in the first place?

25% Brighter
A RevoCell bay window showcasing it's thinner mullions and more glass surface area, making them brighter.

Built to deliver

From energy efficiency, to durability and security, our RevoCell® windows have been designed to exceed the highest standards. Bay and bow windows are a made up of multiple windows, hence the overall performance of a modular assembly is rated to the lowest-performing component used. Here are the window types you can use in our bay and bow windows.

Window Model Air infiltration / exfiltration Forced Entry Resistance Performance Class Performance Grade U-factor Btu/ft²•hr•F° Energy Rating (ER) NRCan reference number
Awning, double-pane A3 F40 LC 85 0.26 38 35098310
Awning, triple-pane A3 F40 LC 85 0.15 48 35098689
Casement, double-pane A3 F40 LC 85 0.25 40 35098681
Casement, triple-pane A3 F40 LC 85 0.15 48 35098665
Fixed, double-pane A3 F40 LC 85 0.26 43 35098326
Fixed, triple-pane A3 F40 LC 85 0.15 51 35098693
Hung, double-pane A3 F10 R 40 0.27 40 37096718
Hung, triple-pane A3 F10 R 40 0.17 48 37096726
Slider, double-pane A3 F20 R 45 0.27 40 37096734
Slider, triple-pane A3 F20 R 45 0.17 48 37096742

AAMA/ WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-17, NAFS (North American Fenestration Standard) Specification for windows, doors, and skylights

Everything you really need in a window

Energy-efficient, durable, and bright, our RevoCell® bay and bow windows are built designed for the extremes of the Canadian climate. Here are some features that make them exceptional:

Nordik bay windows feature a Contemporary design.

Modern exterior with understated slim profiles and up to 20% larger glass surface.

Nordik bay windows feature Microcellular PVC construction.

The solid-core microcellular PVC frame is 4.5”, deeper than the usual 3.25”, making a window that’s stronger and seals the rough opening better.

Nordik bay windows have Dual and triple-pane options.

Our bay windows are available with double-pane or triple-pane glass and filled with 98% environmentally-friendly Argon gas.

Nordik bay windows feature Low-emissivity coated glass.

Our super-clear low-iron glass allow more visible light through, while low-e coatings help reflect back heat.

Nordik bay windows have cellular warm-edge spacer.

Our insulated glass units use a top-performance cellular warm-edge spacer to minimize direct heat transfer.

Nordik bay windows feature Triple weatherstripping.

We use triple continuous weatherstripping seals at the window frame and sash interface, for an airtight fit.

Nordik bay windows feature a “One-Click”, easy-to-remove screen.

Our “One-Click” screens are the easiest to operate in the industry, making removal and installation a breeze while withstanding decades of use.

Nordik bay windows have cellular warm-edge spacer.

Bay and bow windows can have a seat in your choice of material. Plywood (left) can be painted, oak (right) can be stained, and formica (centre) provides a ready finish.

Nordik bay windows feature foam-insulated posts.

The angled bay mullions are filled with polyurethane foam for superior insulation.

Bay and Bow Window Gallery

Take a look at this gallery to see what our Bay and Bow windows can look like installed in a home.

Custom Is The New Norm

Gone are the days when window companies dictated what your home should look like. Every single window we build is as unique as you want it. From factory finishes to custom paint, decorative grilles or simulated divided lites, textured or tinted glass, the combinations available are virtually endless.

Add some colour

Most homeowners get their replacement windows in stock white, which is a great all-around colour. But you don’t have to: our comprehensive palette of exterior factory finishes will match any home style and help elevate its look.

Standard colours

Our windows’ interior colour is white, but exterior colours are also available in several affordable factory finishes. Our standard colours are engineered in cap stock (coloured PVC) for lighter tones and durable, architectural-grade laminate for the darker tones. They are extremely colourfast and and more durable than paint. We also offer a full-black (exterior and exterior) on select windows. Please contact us to inquire about the availability of custom-painted colours.

RevoCell Casement, Awning, and Bay mPVC windows are offered in a variety of colours.

Grilles Patterns and Styles

In the old days, large panes of glass could not be manufactured cost-efficiently, so windows were filled with many smaller pieces of glass held in the sash by bars called muntins. These divided lite looks have become a sought-after architectural element, especially on traditional home styles. Take advantage of our window customization expertise to elevate the look of your new windows.

An example of a contour grille in a Nordik Window.

Internal grilles are installed between the panes of glass, inside the the insulated glass unit. This allows for the easiest window cleaning. Our internal grilles are available in a variety of profiles, sizes, and finishes.

An example of a diamond patterned grille in a Nordik Window.

Simulated divided lites (SDL) are external grilles. They are applied on the exterior of the insulated glass unit and give a more realistic muntin appearance. Like internal grilles, our SDL’s are available in multiple profiles and finishes.

Grille Patterns

We offer a variety of patterns for window grilles. Here are a few of the most popular ones. You can mix and match internal and external grilles to get the exact style your require.

An example of a rectangular grille in a Nordik Window.


This classic divided-lite look offers a traditional Old-World aesthetic. Works equally well on traditional and newer homes, adding a timeless elegance.

An example of a partial covering grille in a Nordik Window.

Partial Covering

Our grilles can be aplied to a portion of the window only. Combined with an SDL profile, you can also reproduce a hung sash appearance on a casement window.

An example of a contour grille in a Nordik Window.


Contour grilles go around the perimeter of the sash. Often associated with the Prairie School style, they add a artsy touch that’s distinctively North American.

An example of a diamond patterned grille in a Nordik Window.

Diamond Pattern

The diamond pattern can add an artistic touch to a traditional home. The understated charm of thin grilles adds extra interest from up close.

An example of a divided lites grille in a Nordik Window.

Divided Lites

Our grilles can be aplied to a portion of the window only. Combined with an SDL profile, you can also reproduce a hung sash appearance on a casement window.

Specialty Glass

We also offer some alternatives to clear glass in your windows. Tinted glass can be used to lower light levels, or to alter the colour balance indoors. Textured glass adds a degree of privacy as well as decorative interest, while letting natural light inside.

An example of specialty grey glass.

Grey Glass

An example of specialty bronze glass.

Bronze Glass

An example of specialty frosted glass.

Frosted Glass

An example of specialty glue chip glass.

Glue Chip Glas

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