The warm weather is here – bring fresh air and fresh looks into your home with newly renovated windows! Whether you’re prepping dinner at home or relaxing at the cottage, you want a window that provides you with the best possible view. But, did you know how many other parts and features are in a window? The options can be overwhelming. Hold our hand, and we’ll walk through this together.

Saving You the Pane and Suffering

Do you see window renovations as a daunting task?

You aren’t alone.

Getting your windows renovated with Nordik Windows and Doors is a simple and beneficial task that will increase your overall curb appeal. Who doesn’t want more curb appeal?

That’s right - no one.

When starting your next window renovation, keep everything organized by creating a window renovation checklist. This checklist should include everything from the aesthetics you want, to the features you expect.

Don’t know where to start? Follow our simple guidelines and learn a few great tips for your next window renovation project! We have expertly trained specialists that can help you handpick the perfect match for your home.

Window Renovations Checklist: It’s All in the Details

Cranks, Casement and Coatings, Oh my! Let’s walk through the things that should be considered to create your perfect window.

Window Style: Choose a window that best suits your home and accents the architectural design. Whether you’re looking for a Bay and Bow window to form elegant arches, or a Casement window to easily let in some fresh air, there is a window style for you.

Here are some great window types to choose from:

And don’t forget; just because you’re replacing a fixed window, doesn’t mean the new window can’t be a casement! Make the changes that suit your style and needs.

A example of the difference that Glue Chip glass finish can have on the look and privacy of your windows.

A example of the difference that Glue Chip glass finish can have on the look and privacy of your windows. Ideal in bathrooms and anywhere you want to let light in, but keep eyes out!

Window Glass: Not sure what type of glass to use for your windows? A great best practice is to choose your glass based on the typical weather climate where you live. Here in Ontario, it’s important to keep the temperature during the winter outside, and the cool air inside during the summer. Dual and triple pane glass helps us create that thermal barrier, as does Argon gas. Learn more about Argon gas in our blog What is Argon Gas? . When completing your window renovations, it is important to remember that all glass performs differently depending on weather!

Window Finishes and Colours: Leave a lasting impression and show off your brand new windows by adding a fresh and contemporary finish to your windows. With textures like Frosted and Glue Chip - to tints like grey and bronze - get the look and privacy you need out of your windows. Add a pop of colour to your window frames too and enhance your home’s interior décor! If colour excites you, you’ll be pleased to hear that Nordik has 8 durable factory finishes and unlimited custom colours to choose from!

Window Grilles: If you’re looking for a distinct look, window grilles might be the perfect solution to match your home’s style. This classic look plays on your home’s architectural features and design. From traditional Partial Covering, to Contour and Diamond Pattern, you can customize your grille pattern, size and colour scheme. If you’re looking for a more modern look, consider going without any grilles at all.

The interior view of a low-profile nesting crank handle for a replacement window.

Low-profile nesting crank handles, like this one, are helpful to not only blend into its surroundings, but also much less likely to snag objects or clothing in high-traffic areas.

Window Features: You are investing time and money into your window project. Make sure to invest in your window features to make sure that they withstand the test against the elements and daily use. Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but there’s a lot to consider with windows. Different features can go a long way to improve anything from your energy savings, such as triple pane glass, argon gas filling and low-emissivity glass coating, to style and function features like low-profile crank handles and “One-Click” easy-to-remove screens. There are even features you might not see, like Microcellular PVC, triple weather stripping and multi-point locking systems. So much to consider.

Psst… did you know? Nordik has a 25-year “No-Bull” warranty on all of our products!

If you have more questions and want to go to the experts in window renovation, contact us today ! We’re always here to help :).

Throw Fear Out the Window

Spring is the perfect time to open your home up for a window renovation. By following our window renovation checklist, you’ll be admiring your new windows from inside and out.

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